Sunday, August 23, 2009

Destination: Kamloops, BC part III

Day Two (cont'd) Only the rare vehicle passed us along this oddly quiet and 'tranquil' road. A little hesitantly, we turned off onto a packed gravel road that looked like it might get us closer. We'd found what looked like might have been the main entrance people would have once passed through upon arriving here for treatment. Courtesy of our audiophile again as we parked off to one side of the train tracks that runs in front of the property the next creepy instramental track of our cd started.

[angelo badalamenti - audrey's dance]

The property is huge, sprawling, and is oddly peaceful in all it's eerie emptiness. It was like the empty black windows were staring back at us with as much curiosity as we had staring in at them. Almost like they were wishing we would come in and visit as much as we wanted to step inside their darkened rooms. The area was all so still.

Reluctantly, we piled back into the car and drove away from Tranquille and its echoing empty halls to get ready for the trek back to Vancouver. We were leaving first thing in the morning and were looking forward to the scenic Hwy 1 route we were taking home . . .

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