Sunday, August 23, 2009

Destination: Back to Vancouver along Hwy I part I

We checked out and were all looking forward to heading home along Hwy 1. We had a number of 'points-of-interest' to find along the way. But first we said good bye to "Balls Deep", our neighbouring guest, turned off the freight train AC and hit the open road.
We stopped at a look-out and took some shots of the fascinating terrain of the area, took shots en-route and even took time for a few shots at a gas station that had
railway tracks running by it like this little orange cat.

Our next official stop: Ashcroft Tea House. Well, unfor
tunately, the tea house was closed, but to my delight, there was a row of abandoned homes right by it so we
wandered around and took what pictures we could from behind the NO TRESPASSING signs.

We regretfully drove away from the Ashcroft Tea House vowing to return when it was open and with a plan to try and get inside some of those houses after we were finished our crumpets and jam.

Our next and quite
unexpected stop was at a little church plunked down in the middle of nowhere by what looked like a trailer park with railway tracks running along side it and two fenced in old and very tiny cemeteries....

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