Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Mash-Up of a few scattered Sundays

Some days I download and edit my Sunday shoots as soon as I get home. Some Sundays I download them to be 'edited later'. Well, sometimes, those 'to be edited laters' begin to pile up. Resulting in a Mash-Up post of a few stragglers that I've been putting off editing.
I'm often told I'm probably too hard on my own stuff but, trust me, I don't think anyone would want to sift through all my duds and 'experimental' shots.
So, to avoid the agony on the viewer's part and the embarrassment on mine, I think I've compiled a decent set of recent Sunday excursions in one post. 
And as usual all this pretty is less than thirty minutes from our front door. 
We really do live in a gorgeous corner of the province - and that's not even hitting the "great outdoors" - outings like those get their own fanfare and blog posts. 

So, here are a handful of random images from around New Westminster, Delta, Richmond, Vancouver and environs.  

a potted something or other on our front steps
a quick peak at the mighty Fraser river
blackberries in the making
suspicious spillage floating in the slough?
does anyone have a clue what these are called? and are they edible?
we dubbed this the Fortis Fortress. it was HUGE!
a second silo(?) was being erected - even bigger than the other one
a beautifully clean slough behind a business complex
happy undulating river grass
they made such a pretty sound in the breeze. a beautiful parking lot border!
I called this popcorn sky. from the office parking lot
another view from the parking lot
crows hanging out on a wire
westjet coming in for a landing at the airport in Richmond
Iona Point looking the other way

There are acres and acres still out there we haven't covered. We may never leave our own backyard at this rate. :)

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