Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Lulu's Hoodoos

We labeled the massive piles of sand Lulu's Hoodoos because - well - we were on Lulu Island in Richmond roaming around a huge industrial area under development. We weren't the only ones to discover the interesting terrain. Evidence of dirt bikes and 4x4s was everywhere.
The start of this 'adventure' took us down a wide gravel path, along side a nasty coloured creek and ditch. It was VERY SAD to see mama ducks and their babies swimming around in the frothy sludge. Nothing good can come of that. They'll all probably die from some horrible skin disease or all be sterile!!!

It makes  me sad that we humans have such little regard for nature.

Don't think I'd like to fall into that water.
The ditch on the other side of the pat was technicoloured froth.

The gravel path from nowhere to nowhere.

Our trusty vehicle.

Smoke billowed out every time the digger gouged into the heap of garbage. And . The . Smell!!!! Just about killed us!

Looks like a distant relative of the Easter Island Heads.

This pipe was big enough for a person to live in!

The majestic Lulu Island Hoodoo!

Ginormous concrete blocks to pound the earth down.

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