Monday, May 2, 2016

Where Tires Go to Die

Beautiful Sunday drive. Ended up in the area at the end of #6 Road in Richmond. We hung a left on Triangle street to get to this weird industrial/agricultural area just beyond the Planet Ice rinks.
It was so lush and removed from the city. It had such potential. Unfortunately the City of Richmond doesn't seem to think that the area merits any attention. Doesn't think the environment should be protected down there along the Fraser.

Sad and disappointing to say the least.
But among the trash and scattered tires - that were EVERYWHERE - and the countless pieces of shattered glass strewn everywhere there was an amazing strip of smooth sandy beach that hugged the neglected and abused shoreline. From midnight dumping sites to the smoldering remains of a bonfire only feet away from a giant stand of trees. A shame. A DISGUSTING shame!

Anyway, amidst the disgusting human footprint, there was still beauty along this section of river. I have to admit it that even some of the refuse made for some 'artistically' pleasing shots. 

I'd love to catch the asshats who left this charred mess behind. Dipshits!!!!

glass and styrofoam was everywhere you looked.
HUGE tractor tires

rivulets returning to the river
AIRPLANE TIRE PEOPLE! AIRPLANE!!! WTF!?! Did it fall out of the sky?!?
Rolls and rolls of labels were just rotting everywhere.

Yes. YES!!! Shotgun fucking shells!
And this is just one pile - there were hundreds strewn everywhere!
To be responsible is apparently as rare as common sense today!
Shipping containers - a barrier between industry and nature.

Our trusty 4x4!

Where to next week my friend....???

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