Monday, February 1, 2016

Eagles and herons and ponies, oh my

Rain. Clouds. Drab. Dreary. Didn't deter us from our Sunday coffee and a random 'short' spin. The sun came out and was crazy bright reflecting off the roads. The temperature was perfect enough to brag about to friends and family back east but I'm too nice to do that. This Sunday we headed over the Alex Fraser bridge and headed 'that way'. We ended up going through Delta and Ladner and spent a few minutes at Boundary bay before heading home from one of the most amazing morning drives we've had. These unplanned drives yield some amazing photo ops!

a typical random drive begins 
heading over the Alex Fraser

wind blown tree

we were not expecting to see one let alone seventeen perched 

be warned...there may be a few eagle pictures in a row...

I can almost see this being made into a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

perched far as the eye can see 

coming in for a landing

Mr & Mrs?

old farm still my heart

a few heron pictures may follow

enough of the paparazzi! I'm outta here

it's times like this we appreciate our 4x4 
Boundary Bay 


heading home

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