Saturday, October 3, 2015

Cat Grass Bliss

My indoor cat doesn't get the opportunity to graze through the neighbourhood yards and lawns and then hork up a green gooey hairball like outdoor cats. But he also doesn't have to contend with psychos that want to torture him for fun or get hit by a car or stalked by the local coyotes.
So it's always been a treat for him to get a container of (wheat) grass from time to time.

I thought I'd shoot him digging in while perched on the corner of my computer table. Not the greatest lighting or focus or composition but he sure looks like he's enjoying it.
I probably look like this biting into a juice burger!
Look at that fang of delight.
Love how his nose crinkles when he's chowing down.
One blade at a time.
Going into a wonderful food coma?
I'll have to keep an eye open for the green gooey mess....

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