Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Heat continues and I Bisect a Watermelon

Hot as Hades here again this weekend. Don't know how much more we can take. 
Don't know if there are any trees left out there to catch on fire!     Baby it's HOT OUT THERE.

Well a brand new month. Already! Is it me or is it getting harder to keep up with how fast this year is racing through! Does it have someplace better it would rather be? Is it sick and tired of what we little humans are NOT doing to make this a better little blue planet to live on?

People are already posting sightings of -dare I say it- Christmas displays and decorations on store shelves. Consumerism at its finest? I think I'll dress up like a Christmas present for Hallow'en and mess with people's heads.

Anyway. Popped out early-ish for coffee and a little bit of retail therapy this morning (before the heat really kicked in). Spent a lovely couple of hours 'on the patio' of one of my favourite Starbucks, sipping a refreshing mocha frap' and doing what all the hep kids do....writing....the great Canadian novel....that shall never see the light of day of course but it keeps me from sitting alone staring into space. My nose is in my scribbler and I'm not seeing the sizing-me-up glances.
The view from my table this morning.
Love the colour of the sky this morning.
Did a grocery run. Bought a watermelon. Tried something I saw on "Pinterest".
1. Cut in half. 2. Slice up.
3. Reassemble and turn 90 degrees.
4. Slice again across first slices.
5. Arrange in bowl. 6. Eat till your stomach hurts.
Or return to fridge like I had to, to get it nice and crispy cold.
Poor fridge is working over time these days.
I'm sure I could have done a better job at that arrangement but it was just too damn hot to stand there and fuss with them all. And after 'test-tasting' a couple, I realized that the melon hadn't been in the fridge long enough and it was still too warm to enjoy. So I cling-wrapped them and shoved them in the frige.
And now I sit in front of my piddly little fan and try not to melt into the sofa cushions. Did I mention it's as hot as Hades???!!! I think you'd need a sweater in Hades after sitting here for a while.

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