Sunday, July 19, 2015

Burnaby's Still Creek

This creek that runs into Burnaby Lake and on into the Brunette River was originally just a convenient place for industrial run-off, sludge and waste. Still Creek is gradually turning into what it was intended. It is a beautiful habitat for birds, water fowl, beaver and recently river otters. And after 80 years - in 2012 - spawning salmon have been spotted returning up the creek. Due to the hard work and determination of dedicated volunteers the Creek is a thriving corridor.

Great Blue Heron. (cropped image)
Mandatory Mallards....I think they're Mallards.

Beaver? Not the greatest picture but proof. (cropped image)

Spiders keeping busy. (cropped image)
Flourishing vegetation.

Thank you so, so much Tim. These little Sunday escapes mean a lot to me and they get me through the rest of my week.

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