Saturday, May 9, 2015

Queen's Park Annual Community Yard Sale

Saturday May 9th. It was an absolutely beautiful, warm sunny morning. My friend Karla invited me to join her in experiencing New Westminster's "Queen's Park Neighbourhood Annual Community Yard Sale".

Once I'd dusted off my camera and put in a fresh battery and we fueled up on a Starbuck's Vanilla Latte for me and an Iced Flat Whit
e for Karla, we headed to New Westminster's 'affluent' Queen's Park. The place was a zoo! Luckily we found a great spot to park and joined the curious hoards to see what kind of junk people in Queen's Park would dump on their lawn for strangers to stare at, judge and paw through.

The thing about Queen's Park for me is I would LOVE to own every second house on every street. I wish they conducted house to house tours. I'd sign up for that!

It was really nice to see the number of happy dogs everywhere! To see all those slobbering tongues and wagging tails.
I think there might have been more dogs than yards out there at one point.

This house didn't participate, can you blame it?
This little guy growled at me like I was a paparazzi
A cool old hot/cold water gizmo that I wanted for absolutely no reason.
Can someone tell me the name of this flower?
His human said he was a Whippet/Borzoi cross. I wanted to steal him!
Now this is what I was expecting to see at a Queen's Park yard sale.
This Binkey is NOT for sale!
This fella was being toted around in a messenger bag.
If I recall, this house didn't participate either.
The kind of car I expected to see in that neighbourhood.
They all look so bright and happy in the sunshine.
More happy.
Why weren't they sitting in the shade?
A gorgeous but broken chair Karla considered snagging.
I wonder if it was sold despite the top being broken right off and badly screwed together. 
I want it too!!!

This creepy balloon kept roaming back and forth across the sidewalk.
A shout out to Stephen King's "IT".

And these two random and totally unrelated shots were already in my camera when I headed off to the yard sale this morning.
Dakota my 19 year old Himalayan cross and my rotund 8 year old ginger, Pixel.



  1. If it weren't for the tiny pop of the red leash in the borzhoi photo, I honestly would've thought it was some Rembrandt-era painting! Also that flower looks like an iris to me. :)