Sunday, May 26, 2013

Beading and a Hidden Park

Found myself an entertaining hobby of late - beading. I've even sold a few of the pieces I've completed. I stumbled upon some simple plain wooden beads when visiting my sister in Ottawa. And *had* to have them. I didn't have a clue what I was going to do with them but I bought an assortment, dragged them home with me, wondering what I was going to do with them.
I'm hoping to settle on specific materials I will use and be able to say that they're all recycled/re-purposed or natural. I'm not completely 'natural' yet, but so far I'm working with wood, glass and cotton-line.

Glass bead key chains made for a work friend.
Wooden bead bracelet 1.
Wooden bead bracelet 2.
Metal bead bracelet.
Spring has sprung and making room for summer and everything is blooming. The local Cottonwood trees are shedding and the cotton flakes that are piling up on lawns are starting to look like tiny snow drifts.

Cottonwood flakes.
Cottonwood flakes. They look so soft.
Poppies in full bloom.

Tried taking shots of the May 24th full moon and ended up getting this total mistake that looks kind of eerie but cool.

Popped out for another 'Sunday Drive' with my buddy to take pictures. Specifically -upon his request- pictures of where the Brunette River enters the Fraser River here in New Westminster. Turns out there's this amazing pathway that is about a seven minute drive away from here and is called "Sapperton Landing".

Looking toward the Patullo bridge from where the two rivers merge.
Abandoned picnic table/bench in the silty water.
Blue Heron fishing for his next meal.
Mossy coating.
Straight ahead the Brunette river meets the Fraser river.
Condemned dock with deflated 'bumper' tire.
Decommissioned building on 'the Landing'.

How did they get down there to do their graffiti?
Well maintained bridge over the water.
First drops of a brief rain.
Raindrops on (what I believe are) holly leaves.
Random trees were 'felled' along the path and left to 'return to the earth'.
I thought the blade marks were interesting.
Beautiful split rail fences line the path.
The power of mother nature. A tree root growing through the asphalt like it wasn't even there. 

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