Saturday, March 30, 2013


It's been so clear lately that I was able to see and shoot our recent full moon through my bedroom window.

The latest full moon is waning (or is it waxing) now.
So. Spring has sprung all over the place! This morning a neighbour, two yards over, was actually mowing his lawn. I'm still amazed by all the dry weather we've had lately but definitely NOT complaining about it!
I even got my lazy ass out the front door this morning to do some street photography.
I think I'll call this series "Overhead" because - for the most part - I walked along New Westminster's Columbia street -  looking up (nearly fell off the sidewalk a couple of times).

A mandatory shot of Pixel before I left for the morning.
There's a mix of old and new all up and down Columbia. It's wonderful to see. They're not tearing down perfectly good 'older' buildings to make room for cold, impersonal glass towers. And adding to the charm of New Westminster, the city maintains lovely 'beds' along the street adding some green and splashes of colour up and down the sidewalks.

Watching over us.
Easter Daffodils.
Bright green bushes on practically every corner.
Walk. Don't walk.
Building in foreground is 99 years old?
One of my new haunts Moody Beads is right down on Columbia street. So of course, I dropped in to say hello and pick up a few supplies. Also down there is The British Shop & Sherlock's Cafe with what looks like an authentic red phone box parked right out front. Also down on the 'main drag' is a relocated and huge Salvation Army, a brand spanking new (eleven screen) Landmark Cinema - right at the Skytrain station, a Starbucks (or two) and big Army & Navy down at the other end of the street. Oh, and there is a tonne of bridal shops too. Just a block down from Columbia is Front street - also referred to as "Antique Alley". [note to self: shoot Front street soon]

Beads in every colour imaginable.
A crafter's dream - even this novice's.
British Shop & Sherlock's Cafe.
Beautiful fascade.
New neighbours moving in.
One of a number of beautiful mosaic inlays in the sidewalk.
Close up shot of an escalator heading up to the skytrain platform.
And the (infamous) Haunted Keg restaurant across from the Quay.
And one last thing. We have a neighbour lady that takes care of the feral cats in our area. She places the cats that can be 'tamed' in loving homes. The ones that are too wild she carefully traps, spays and neuters, and re-releases them back into the neighbourhood. She maintains a number of feeding/watering stations all around our corner of New West.
This little guy is Sammy. He spends most of his day hanging out under our carport in a makeshift house that was built for him. He loves our neighbour lady.


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