Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tynehead Regional Park (and Hatchery)

A twenty minute to half hour drive from here is Surrey, BC's Tynehead Regional Park. A beautiful little maze of trails and walkways along and over the Serpentine River. And where the 100% volunteer run Tynehead Hatchery resides. (donations greatly appreciated)
My friend and I roamed along the (easy access) nature trails for close to two hours taking in the scenery, stopping here and there for closer inspections and photo ops. We stopped on our way out of the park at the Tynehead Hatchery and got a (private) tour of the facilities that maintains and records the hundreds of thousands of fish that are hatched and are released here annually. According to our volunteer guide Frank, for every 100,000 fish they release - only 100 return. It's terribly important that we help any way we can to ensure that their journeys far and away are free of waste, pollution and toxins or even filled in or destroyed for the sake of (greedy) developers.

I think Tynehead could also be known as Moss Covered Park

baby fish holding tanks (for lack of a better or accurate term)

specimens are kept on ice for local school field trips

Frank - guide extraodinaire

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