Monday, September 13, 2010

Hell's Gate

Hell's Gate got its name from an 1808 log entry by Simon Fraser after coming upon this section of the Fraser River; "...surely this is the gate of hell."  It must have been pretty unnerving to see and hear the raging river crashing into and through the narrow gorge.

Hell's Gate is roughly a two and a half hour drive from Vancouver up highway one. The four of us headed out early. We made a now officially traditional stop in Hope for a delicious breakfast at "Darryl's". Highly recommended. The coffee is great, the hash browns hit the spot and I dare you to hate their cinnamon buns!

One of the seven
tunnels you drive
through to get to
Hell's Gate.

The Fraser River.

Looking down at the
churning water below us
from our air tram.
There were tonnes of these
little chipmunks racing
around everywhere
like they were on crack.

The other air tram heading
back across the gorge.

Can you see the seals
in the rock formations?

Mesmorizingly water smooth
white rocks.

Puzzle pieces.

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