Monday, April 19, 2010

West Coast Train Museum, Squamish, BC

Bright and early, we booted it up to Squamish, BC along the newly beautified Sea-to-Sky Highway (the #99) on Saturday, a typically rainy, grey spring morning in this part of the world. We got to the West Coast Train Museum in good time and found the place - to our delight virtually deserted - only because of the relentless rain. But that suited us just fine. We weren't being jostling by absent-minded elbows or excitable youngsters or waiting for idling bodies to get out of our shots. It was a blast climbing in and out of the cars that were open to the public even despite the steady rain and there were some fascinating things to shoot. I was disappointed to see no passenger cars. If there ever were any, they may have been gutted to house the 'museum exhibits' (a lot of which were behind plexi-glass or obscured by "do not touch" signs. But it was interesting just the same. We also managed to take a tour of Brightbill House (circa 1930).

Engine car
Brakeman's perch in Caboose
Brakeman's quarters
Canadian Pacific place setting
Dining car
Telegraph car
Brightbill House
Inside Brightbill House

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