Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pixel poses and bird watching

This (not so) little guy is going to figure prominently in blogs from time to time. He's my sitting-around-the-house subject to shoot when he sits still long enough to get the camera aimed and focused on him. He enjoys perching on the cat tower to take in his kingdom and occasionally I am in arms length of the trusty Nikon D60 to shoot him. I'm learning ISO, shutter speeds and white balance taking pictures of his lordship.
(thank you Pixel)

There is a house on my walk home that has a birdhouse hanging in a riot of branches right outside what I think is their dining room or kitchen. Two adorable calicos were parked on the sill the other day watching the recently replenished feeder. I will have to stop again (when my white balance is correct) and get more shots of the birds feeding, the cats watching them and the chubby squirrel that manages to get up there to partake of the suet and seeds.

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