Friday, December 11, 2009

Harbourview Park, North Vancouver. Revisited

I had an opportunity to revisit Harbour View Park in North Vancouver recently and walk all the way to the end and watched the SeaBus cross from Lonsdale Quay over to Waterfront. We met happy friendly dogs of all kinds of shapes and sizes with equally happy owners in all shapes and sizes.
The sun was brilliant in the nearly endless blue sky overhead. Seagulls churned and soared above the pilings as the wind whipped anxious little waves against the rocks.
The vivid edges of razor wire topping the fence around the CN lot looked stunning in the sunlight. And a riot of graffiti colours on overpass pillars looked alive in this amazing December light.

The next day walking home from work I couldn't not take pictures in the incredible light of the late afternoon sun. Vibrant moss clinging tightly to a stone wall, the sun silhouetting fuzzy buds on a dormant bush and plump little moineaux taking delight in what looked like a very chilly bath.

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