Sunday, August 2, 2009

A little piece of heaven behind a neighbour's fence

I live in an apartment. An apartment that doesn't have a balcony or access to a roof deck common area like some buildings have. I have neighbours who live in heritage-like homes with backyards. These yards are protected behind six and seven foot high fences or hedges. And until you step through their gates, you really have no idea what's hidden behind those barriers.

These neighbours also have cottages on gulf islands they escape to on weekends or they travel out of town whenever they can. These exoduses leave homes and yards empty and quiet.

Enter me.

I get to house-sit on lengthy out-of-town trips and get free run of empty back yards while families are away for long weekends.

If I had a heritage-like home, with a backyard, I'm pretty sure I'd stay in town all the time. My yard would be my little corner of paradise. It would be my escape from everything. I would LOVE to have a house and garden.

Anyway, I got to spend this afternoon in yet another neighbour's yard. I have to share some of the beauty I found within their fences.

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