Tuesday, July 21, 2009

21 freckles has a blog

Oh boy, another blog on the internet. Who's going to have time in their day to read it. Who's going to want to read about the stuff posted here? Maybe nobody, maybe the odd traveler looking for something new s/he hasn't read before. Probably nobody.

But for those who pass this way, here's some of what this blog will be about....

Most of the images posted here will be from and around the lower mainland.
Some might be nice, some might be shite and some might be experimental.
But images there shall be. Sometimes just one. Sometimes a collection.

So, keep checking back from time to time. There may be images here that will be worth taking a look at. Or not.
But it would be great to have visitors and to get feed-back on some of the photos - glowing praise and constructive criticism welcome. Flaming will be poo-poo'd and and make this blogger very sad. So Here's to 21 freckles being a blog worth adding to your daily, weekly, monthly visit. All welcome. (except those that make baby Jesus cry)

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